Coding ako pag Tuesday

How I wish everyday is MONDAY! A week of Monday just like this!


M-O-N-D-A-Y : some hates this day. Most of them are complaining “ohhhh! it’s Monday again, weekend is over! sad”, but not for me. A girl who wished to have a week of monday and hates weekend.. lol!

Monday always give me a fresh and new week to cherish. I hate it when I realized that the day is over and Tuesday is coming 😦 because I’m not quite sure that Tuesday can be as happy as Monday, that it can be as fresh or as lively as yesterday. Each day passed in a week warn me to have a darker day (sad but true).

How I wish that one day, I can feel Monday everyday, no matter what the calendar says!


Some of the photos are not mine, credit to the owner

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