Bosses and Clients!

I am blessed having humble, approachable,  fun and cool bosses! Having people like them in my IT career is such a blessing. I really learned, learn and learning from them. And they inspire me to work harder as well.

Not only with the bosses but with the client as well. They inspire me to work  harder and to do my best to help and support them. Being an IT person is not an easy job as what you think, most especially if you know that you are dealing with the different kind and level of people. that you have to support. You have to think as normal person and as an IT person as well. You have to balance the way on how you talk depending on the person that you are talking. It’s all depends on how you do it.  This is not an easy job at all. but having a humble and approachable bosses and clients make my job as easy as 1..2..3 (kidding!). This makes me a better person, a confident person and a professional person.

Receving compliment is just a reward of doing such a good service to your user. But it doesn’t mean that all good service could have a compliment reward. Compliment can only be heard from user who really appreciates your service. And I thank you Lord for giving me such an appreciative users! That’s what I could only say right now!


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