Let’s have some fun!

April 21, 2012 – 9am call time.. Itinerary was set!

Marikina Global Gutz is the name! \m/

A small summer plan activity that became a department summer activity! yeah! It was a great idea that we had this, to experience some stuff inspite of our busy sched. =))


(L-R) Pete, Herc, Mikey, Salvz, Mel, Nel, Robert

We failed to have a complete group picture as we played paintball, this picture was taken as we had our rest after having the said activity. 12nn.. too hot! hahah! I’m quite injured because I’ve been shot in my left arm so I have to place some cold compress in my arm to relieve the pain. 😉 but it’s part of the game, so it should not be the show stopper. hahah! game must go on! come on!


(L-R-2nd row) Patrick, Mizielle, Mikey, Abi, Salvz, Mel, Ian, Oli, Teen, Dennis
(L-R-1st row) Mike, Nel, Robert, Herc, Pete

The next activity, zipline.. Now, we’re luckily to have a complete group picture! yeah! =) We had a two way ride. We crossed the Marikina River Bank!!!


ATV Rocks!

 That’s me riding on an ATV! hahaha! This was really really cool! \m/ .Of all the activities I really had so much fun riding this! It was my  first time to drive an atv.. and it rocks! so cool!


(L-R) Oli, Teen, Mike, Mizielle, Nel, Patrick, Salvz, Herc, Mel, Dennis

After the successful summer activities that we had, we finally had our late lunch at ChicBoy.. haha! We’re all hungry because of the so much fun paintball, zipline and 10 laps atv!

(L-R) Herc, Nel, Pete, Mizielle, Salvz, Mel

“World’s Largest Pair of Shoes” woah! at Marikina! We also had a chance to see this Guinness World Records holder of the largest pair of shoes in the world! yeaaaaaahh!


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