Happy Valentines! ♥

Valentines in our office. ♥♥♥

IT Guys prepared a surprise party for us (girls) :”> They prepared a presentation. :”> They sang love songs ♥♥♥  with matching Pick up lines battle!

“Edsa ka ba?”..”Bakit?”..”Kasi di ako makamove-on eh”..BOOOOMM! – Herc!  hahah! anu daw?

“Sana ikaw nalang ang pinakamahirap na subject”..”Bakit?”..”Para sayo lang ako babagsak!”.. – Sir Pete! ansabe??? haha!

“Lipstick ka ba?”..”Bakit?”..”Kasi hinahanap hanap ka ng labi ko eh” – Marvin! Pssh! hahaha!

..And the end of the program. They gave us Roses! ♥♥♥

♥ lovely rose ♥

♥ lovely rose - from Herc ♥

♥ Roses are Red ♥

♥ Roses are Red - from Herc, Sir Pete, Sir Nonoy ♥

♥ Looks perfect on my table ♥

♥ Looks perfect on my table :"> ♥


I looked at these roses all day! haha! The reason why I can’t 100% concentrate on my work this day! hohoho!

Thank you very much! ♥♥♥ Happy Valentines! mwuah! ♥♥♥


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