Deal or No Deal?

Late this afternoon, I was called for a meeting AGAIN. I think this would be the last and I hope so. I hope they will leave me alone. How many times am I going to tell them that nothing can change my decision. Hays!

Now, they used a powerful man that can talked with me. Again, longer conversation, longer discussion, longer dealing. Whoah! But, what should I do; if I could only tell them directly “please stop dealing with me! You’re just wasting your time“. It’s too late for them to deal with me. I already made up my decision! 😀 If they have just think about this few months ago, I think their effort will not be wasted 😀 I hope now, they learned how to handle their people 🙂 Hoping that they now know the importance of every people they’re handling.

I was asked how they can change my decision. I answered. He thought I was just joking! But honestly speaking, I did it just to make them realized that they cannot change my decision 🙂 because I know they cannot deal with it! 😀

I heard so much complement again, but I was not that much convinced.. hahah! because, I know some of it are just for me to stay. 😉


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