Awesome Weekend

For almost a month of stressful days, I finally had my time to unwind and relax! Last weekend we went to Tagaytay (with Vin, Ar, and Mel). I really really enjoyed the day!

We went to Picnic Grove to experience the ZIPLINE!!! Whoah, very exciting!!! we decided to have the 2 way ride with free souvenir picture – only costs P400.00 😀 Really worth the price!!! 😀 It was my first time to try it.. I really really enjoyed it. For my 2nd ride, the two guys there twisted me 3 times to reach the other end while twisting in the air! at first I was shocked why they twisted me and I shouted “kuyaaa, ba’t may ganyaannn?!” and as I felt that I was twisting in the air, I enjoyed it..! whoah! yyeeeessss!

Tagaytay Zipline

Tagaytay Zipline

**Here are our activities that we did in our Tagaytay Trip!

Picnic Grove – Sightseeing, Pictures, Zipline, Kite Flewing, eating of Melmark’s Graham Cake

Koorah Koorah Restaurant – we had our lunch there!! with their Specialty: “Bulalo” yummy!!

People’s Park in the Sky – Sightseeing, pictures, eating, souvenir buying! Whoah, it’s so foggy there!!!

My post for our detailed activities and pictures is to be followed 🙂


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