what’s on my table?

what's on my table?

what's on my table?

What’s on my table?? hmm.??

**A table calendar from Elnido (from our marketing boss)

**a note holder that always reminds me my unfinished task

**a tictac (mint flavor candy)  that is helpful when I feel sleepy and no there’s chocolate to eat 😦

**my pink eraser (I just bought it a few hour ago, when I and issy went to Greenbelt 1 after we ate our lunch, I found it so cute that’s why I bought it =D )

**a yellow green stabilo that I used to marked the flash games that I have finished already

**my cute notebook and pink mickey mouse pen, I bought it last Saturday at Tutuban Mall. It’s so cute 🙂

**a cup of 12oz Fruitas Shake (watermelon), we bought it too at Greenbelt1 a few hour ago with Issy 🙂

As you can see there are three keychains hang (at the left side). A tarsier keychain from my ate as they went to Bohol last summer :),  another one is a keychain from blue magic. I received from our monito monita at Vishay (I worked there for almost 5 months as programmer trainee), and a Shell keychain from Mt. Maculot (the mountain that we climbed last holy week)


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