programming is my passion


programming is my passion

so what’s with the name?

the first comment that I received from a friend when I first introduced this blog to him.

“” words derived from who I am right now. A .net coder. a web developer.

I love programming. .

I’m not a technical person when I was in High school.That’s why there’s a big question why did I choose Computer Engineering Technology as my course. But, time runs so fast. I started to love programming that’s why I pursued BT in Information Technology after CoET.  It is simply because I can feel that CoET is not enough for me and I really want to learn more. 🙂 And I made the right decision. There is no regrets with what I chose to take.  🙂 🙂

Now, I can say that Programming is my passion 😉

This is my life. Developing, debugging and maintaining websites. I am happy with my career path. This is what I chose and what I’m going to choose for the following years. 🙂

I like..

I love..

I enjoy..

programming 😀

and that’s the reason why this blog named dotnetcoder21 🙂


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