know your priorities

These past few days, I enjoyed reading some article and e-book about success and some related topic about it. This afternoon, I just read about knowing your priorities and I really learned from it.

here are  some of its content:

What happens to your priorities?

Life gets in the way. Both life and In the rush to make big plans, we start focusing on the end. But what happens is we forget about things in the middle. The things that really matter lose focus to things that seem most important.

How can you forget?

For some people an long term goal is a great future for their children. However to reach the goal, they work all the time. The children then have no time with the people most important to them. Other people want to have loads of money when they retire. They work, work, work until they finally have “enough money.” They do not enjoy life when they are younger, or even worse they die young.

Where does your money go?

Look at where your money goes. If you say traveling is important, yet you spend hundreds of dollars each month on video games then video games must be more important than traveling. If you want traveling to be more of a priority, then stop spending as much on video games.


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