Last Saturday, we decided to watch pyromusical competition at SM Mall of Asia together with my friends. Vin, Angel, Leo and Fatima..

As the competition begins.. All we can just say was a big


super super amazing! awesome!

China and France are the competitors that night.  I can say that Fireworks from China was really great.. Napuno ang langit ng fireworks! no idle time.. very nice! ang nasabi ko lang “wow ang ganda! astig..!” to the point na gusto mo syang ulit ulitin.. Each country displayed their fireworks for an hour.. sobrang ganda!

after China, its time for France to prepare for their fireworks display. While waiting for the next country, picture picture time with vin, angel, leo and fatima.. yippee! eating time for leo, angel and fatima.. and kwentuhan time na rin.. yippee! 😀

Then, finally next country is ready to display for their fireworks. It’s France time to shine.. 😉 the different of France fireworks from China is “mababa ang fireworks nila.. BUT sobrang ganda din dahil sabay sa rhythm ng music ang fireworks..super love it.. at the end, may pasabog sila na sobrang napuno din ang langit ng fireworks..

They are both GREAT.. AWESOME.. AND AMAZING!!!

gusto ko ulit utlitin manood ng pyromusical competition.. atleast kahit sa ilang oras lang nakapag unwind ako sa sobrang busy and stressful day of work together with my friends.. 🙂

Thanks Vin, Angel, Leo and Fatima 🙂


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