I’m on the side of your happiness ~

How I wish I have an elder brother 😦

Ever since I wished to have an elder brother.  A brother that I can asked stuff about guy or even things in life. A brother that will give me an advice.  But I don’t.

We’ll that’s life. We cannot have everything we want. God has reason in every litte things that happen to our life. Despite of not having an elder brother that I wished. Still, I am blessed to have a REAL FRIEND.. I may not have an elder brother but I’m blessed to have him. All his advices really influenced my decision. He influnced my life.  He always make me realize of many things in life. Especially in times that I really have to change my attitude towards others, because I was being insensitive that I already hurts feelings of somebody. I was really not aware of it. I just realized it when he expalined it to me.

I am being insensitive. >_<

He always told me..

“I’m on the side of your happiness” 🙂

(a very touching line  that I can hear from a friend)

He always give me advices that always make things better.

Here are the some lines that he gave me..

  • “special people are always kept.. mostly those they are kept for a long time..because they are important.. they are precious..”
  • “Good things in life come to those who lives happy..”
  • “don’t over analyze things that will make u sad..”

Having a friend like him full-filled my dream of having an elder brother. 😀


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