no connection >_<

Monday.. start of the week.. I must start it right to have a great week. 😀

But, I reached the office at 8:10AM so i have to log out at 6:10PM.. hays 😦
“I have to start my tasks” the first thing that comes to my mind when I open my computer..

But!!! oh no! there’s no connection >.<  I can’t start my tasks 😦

10:37AM.. I wasn’t started any task yet 😦 All the files that I’m using is from the server that’s why NO CONNECTION = IDLE TIME 😦

I feels sleepy ~.~ I’m bored.. grrhh.. nothing to do! all of my officemates are all thinking what they can do to make themself busy. Most of my officemates choose to spend their idle time in editing pictures (Adobe Photoshop), some are watching movies, some are just playing solitaire, spider etc.. Me, I choose to create a blog here in a notepad :)) I’m so sleepy ~.~

  • 1:20PM still no connection 😦
  • 1:55PM still no connection. . >.<
  • 2:26PM still no connection. . I’m soooooo sleepy! nothing to do >.<
  • 3:01PM still no connection. . I”m yawning and yawning (:|
  • 4:05PM still no connection. . Oh my!! grrrhhh >.<
  • 5:00PM still no connection. . Oh no! One hour to go.. I accomplish nothing >.<
  • 5:30PM still no connection. . 30 minutes to go! >_<

(I’m currently typing this blog in a notepad and I will just paste it to my blog when there is a connection already.. >.<)

I supposed to post this yesterday >_<


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