I’m blessed.. there is no reason to be sad

I promised to myself this morning that I will never be sad again.

But what’s happening now? I really feel sad again 😦 😦

I ‘m thinking of that stuff again.. grrhh..

I decided to talked with my friend in chat..

I told her that I’m sad. But I did not mentioned the reason why 😉

And when she replied.

I just realized that I’m already blessed and I must be happy.

“eh kaw atleast u have a brighter future i know in terms of someone speacial datng din yan kailngn lng ng tamang oras. In terms naman s family mo tngn q OK aman cla atleast kau super close kau ng mga kapatid mo”

“eh kaw i mean i guess. asau n lahat heh. happy family, frend,  luv ones,  hehe.. aq bsta maibigy ko gsto nila mama un ang greatest dreams  q”

I think the stuff that really make me sad is not enough reason. I must be happy.  And the time will just come for that stuff to settle.  I think I’m asking too much that’s why I feel sad this time :(.

I must be Happy 🙂

I’m blessed.. There is no reason to be sad 🙂


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